Pali Sei.9 Stroller at Italy Train Station

We've been to a few Gearapalooza events earlier this year and the recent JPMA Baby Show in Anaheim back in May to launch our new products. One thing that we found discouraging is that virtually no one at these events had heard of the Pali brand.  The comment we often heard was "Pali. Never heard of you. What do you do?" Our typical response was that we were disappointed that they had not heard of Pali especially since we have been in business for 98 years. 

I've been in the juvenile products industry for over 30 years both on the retail and manufacturer sides. My family had baby specialty stores in the DC area until my parents retired a few years ago. Early in my career I had the opportunity to work for Graco Children's Products back in the days when Graco grew exponentially to dominate all of their product categories. During that same period in the 90's, Pali dominated the nursery furniture market. Virtually every baby specialty store in the US was selling Pali cribs and dressers every day of the week.  Our factory in Italy was shipping containers every month to multiple destinations to keep up with the demand. Those were amazing years for the Pali brand. Many of those young parents at Gearapalooza probably slept in a Pali crib and don't know it.

Early in the 2000's saw a rise of US importers going to Asia to source baby cribs and furniture. Manufacturing in China and Vietnam enabled furniture designs to be more intricate and finishes more complex which are more labor intensive and can be done cost effectively in these countries. Pali stayed true to our Italian roots as long as we could, but eventually we had to make the decision 10 years ago to follow our competitors to Asia for the North American market. It was just not practical to continue sourcing product from our Italian factory with the rise of the Euro currency and our competitors going to Asia. At the same time, our factory in Italy continued to design and manufacture for the European market and other international markets.  

Fast forward to 2016 and we now have a new distribution company based in California. The Euro currency is settled back down to more favorable exchange rate and we are able offer modern baby cribs made of solid European Beech from our own factory in Italy again. Palitaly Inc. was set up by Pali S.p.a. from Italy to import Italian made modern cribs and furniture to offer customers in North America. Pali Design continues to offer exclusive collections of nursery furniture offering superior quality and safety as well as original Italian design. 

We are also following the lead of our Italian colleagues to offer a range of lightweight and compact strollers and full-featured high chairs. We recognize that we have some work to do to help increase awareness of the Pali brand to the North American market. We are confident that in the coming years we will start to find that our customers recognize our decades of dedication to quality and design.  There's a reason we have been in business for almost 100 years.

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