Pali Sei.9 Stroller YouTube Product Review

We recently ran into Melanie and her family in the lobby of a hotel in Anaheim, CA.  We couldn't help but notice that they were using a BabyZen YoYo stroller and started to ask what she and her husband like best about their stroller and if they would be interested to see our new Sei.9 compact travel stroller.  We just happened to have the Sei.9 stroller in our vehicle parked outside.

After showing why we like the Pali Sei.9 compact travel stroller, Melanie asked that we send her a sample so that she could review in more detail and directly with her BabyZen YoYo that she uses regularly.  After a few weeks, we received our first Pali Sei.9 Compact Travel Stroller Comparison posted on YouTube and we were excited about the results. Melanie's comparison is a fair comparison of both strollers. What we think resonates most is that the Pali Sei.9 is now only $249 compared to the BabyZen Yoyo+ at $495 in most stores.  Buy a Pali Sei.9 Compact Travel Stroller now through the end of July and get an additional 10% off the price of the stroller using the discount code SEI9JULY.